I turned twenty-one this year. Normally this is a huge celebration for regular people. It’s the age that you can finally step foot into a bar. The age you can finally drink legally. The age you are finally a true adult.

For me it was different. I have consumed alcohol and taken drugs before, and it something I hate to admit. It’s really not in my nature to do those sort of things. But, I gave into peer pressure and did them anyway. This year I celebrated my freedom from peer pressure like that. I don’t have to deal with those type of things anymore. My boyfriend doesn’t do any drinking or drugs so, I can avoid it easily. And that is what I want.

I’m not sure why I gave into peer pressure so easily. And I urge every kid to not give into it. You’ll be proud of yourself if you do.

My boyfriend told me once that people respect him for never picking up a drink. No one ever cuts him down for it. I hope that more people make smart choices like him.

Good luck to everyone else! If you decide to drink, please be careful 😉


~ by airwen on July 11, 2009.

One Response to “Drinking”

  1. Indeed. I think you are very wise, Rachel. The only thing people find at the bottom of that bottle is emptiness. Sad but true.

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