I never realized how unwise I was until about a year ago. I always thought  I made good choices. I thought that I was different from the norm, that I acted older than my age.

I now realize that I was completely incorrect. My total understanding of life was wrong. I was eighteen years old and stuck in a heartless marriage. for some reason I thought I was wise enough to live through the beatings and the shouting of my drugged up, drunk partner. Some part of me wanted to prove to the world how I wasn’t wrong about marrying at a young age, that I was smart enough and wise enough. But, because of that naive action I went through a horrible stage in my life. One that I would never want to go through again.

Soon I realized that, that was the most unwise thing I could ever do.  I was truly a child. I wish I could’ve avoided that stage of my life; but, today I am now wiser and stronger in mind. And as a result to that bad past that I had, I now have a happy life that I wouldn’t trade for anything.


~ by airwen on July 10, 2009.

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